Papers in press/in prep/preprints

Papers accepted, in press: (click titles for PDF; ^indicates mentee author)

^Nielsen, A., Wakschlag, L. S., & Norton, E. S. (2021, accepted). Linking irritability and functional brain networks: a case for expanding consideration of development and environment in RDoC. Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews.

Damme, K. S. F., Norton, E. S., Briggs-Gowan, M. J., Wakschlag, L. S., & Mittal, V. A. (in press, 2021). Developmental patterning of irritability enhances prediction of psychopathology in pre-adolescence: Improving RDoC with developmental science.  Journal of Abnormal Psychology.


Under review:

^McWeeny, S., ^Choi, S. J., LaTourette, A., ^Choe, J., Roberts, M. Y., & Norton, E. S. (under review). Rapid automatized naming as a kindergarten predictor of future reading: A meta-analysis. See also: OSF Page.

Norton, E. S., ^Manning, B. L., ^Harriott, E., ^Nikolaeva, J., ^Nyabingi, O., ^Page, J., MacNeill, L., Krogh-Jespersen, S., & Wakschlag, L. (revise and resubmit). Social EEG: A novel approach to studying brain-behavior links and brain-to-brain synchrony during naturalistic toddler-parent interactions.

^Clement-Lam, S., Grieco-Calub, T., & Norton, E. S. (revise and resubmit). Letter-sound integration is modulated by automaticity demands and related to reading performance in English-speaking children.