The LEARN Lab at Northwestern University uses measures of the brain and behavior to understand how children develop. We focus on language, reading, and learning development and disorders.

We employ a variety of tools including standardized assessments, child-friendly brain measures like EEG and MRI, and novel ways of collecting data, such as through video chat. (See the Resources page for timely info on collecting data remotely via video chat.)

We are currently recruiting children from 21 months to 6 years to participate in research studies! Families who participate help us learn about language, reading, and the brain and have fun learning about science and their child’s development. For more information, please visit our research page.

Wondering what’s new in the lab? View our labĀ news or follow us on twitter @NULearnLab.

If you would like to learn more or to join the lab, please contact Dr. Norton.

We will be accepting new PhD students through the CSD department for fall 2022.