Video chat data collection – for pandemics and more

During the covid-19 pandemic, we are all working from home and in-person visits are on hold. For nearly 3 years, we have been using video chat as a way for families to participate in research without having to come to the lab! We have posted our standard operating procedure (SOP) for collecting language samples and language tasks via video chat in the new Resources section of the website, with the goal of helping other scientists continue their work during this time. We look forward to seeing everyone in person when this is behind us!

Congratulations Dr. Silvia Clement-Lam!

Doctoral student Silvia Clement-Lam successfully defended her dissertation! She presented her work to a full house of fellow students, faculty, and community members in Frances Searle. Ever gracious and clever, she presented her acknowledgments slide as a structural equation model. We can’t wait to follow Silvia’s successes as she begins her postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Connecticut with our colleague Dr. Fumiko Hoeft and Dr. Devin Kearns!

Student awards and honors in spring 2018

Congratulations to the many LEARN Lab students who were honored by the School of Communication in 2018.

Emily Harriott and Shelby Isaacs were selected as members of Lambda Pi Eta honor society.

Shelby Isaacs completed her department honors thesis.

Emily Harriott received an advanced URG award and Skylar Ozoh received a URG award for summer research.